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KL Roy
1951 W. 5400 S.
Roy, UT 84067

Elevation (JPG,575x144,14.2k)

Leasing Contact: Fred Kesler

Phone (801)224-9011
FAX (801)764-2333
Mobile (801)372-1957
E-mail FredKesler@Prudential.com

Completion Date: November 7, 2001
Rentable Square Feet: 16,650 sq ft.
Structure: Steel structure with metal joist and deck designed to 1997 U.B.C.
Exterior: EFIS stucco.
Glazing: Visteon Versalux Blue 2000 R reflective, blue color.

Lobby Finishes:
Floors: Ceramic Porcelin Tile w/all weather recessed mat.
Entry: One story glass structure.
Entry Doors: Each entry has a pair of 3-0-7-0 glass doors; 10' high glass entry.
Lighting: Recessed lighting within a soffited ceiling.

Typical Floors:
Shaw 2 x 2 carpet squares over raised computer floors.
Column spacing: 26 and 32 foot spacing.
Ceiling: 10' High;
Common areas: 2x2 white acoustical tiles; drywall ceiling in lobby entry;
Office areas: 2x2 white acoustical tiles.
Doors: Entries to offices: 3-0 x 8-0 ; interior offices are 3-0 x 8-0 oak veneer with painted steel frames.
Finish Hardware: Yale "D" series with satin chrome finish.
Lighting: Suspended White Indirect Lighting with energy efficient T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts. Conference Room: Recessed, double switched Indirect Lighting.
Windows: Visteon Blue, reflective blue in color, 36 inches from floor.
Ceiling Height: 9-0 feet.
Restrooms: Porcelain tile floors and wainscot on walls.
Kitchenette: Sink with hp. disposal, microwave, refrigerator and sitting area.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing:
Cooling: Six large rooftop units by Lennox, 48.5 Tons cooling capacity, VVT system. 2 Ton Mitsubishi AC dedicated to server room.
Electrical: 800 amps, 3 phase.

Design for easy access of phone and fiber requirements. Multiple underground conduits provided for choice of telecommunication purveyors.

Life Safety Systems:
Fire Detection and monitoring: Monitored 24 hours a day by a central station.
Notification: Horns and strobes.
Exiting: Four fire rated exits and three fire rated exit stairwells per building.
Security: After hours access: Card reader system controlling access.
Tenant Security system: Tenant Security system: Routing and power prewired.

** Contact our respective agents for any questions regarding the above property.

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