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Tech Center 2000
Building "B"
14183 S. Minuteman Dr.
Draper, UT 84020

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Tech Center 2000
Building "C"
14193 S. Minuteman Dr.
Draper, UT 84020

Rentable Square Feet: Building 14183 - 15,200 sq. ft.
Building 14193 - 12,000 sq. ft.
Structure: Concrete Tilt with steel joist and deck designed to 1997/2000 U.B.C.
Exterior: Concrete panels with 100% acrylic paint finish.
Glazing: Interpane high performance, insulated glass; reflective evergreen color.

Lobby Finishes:
Floors: Porcelain tile with recessed entry "walk off mat" for inclement weather.
Entry: Two story glass structure.
Lobby Stair: Modern, open steel stair structure with stainless steel cables and concrete treads.
Entry Doors: Each entry has a pair of 3-0-8-0 glass doors.
Lighting: Recessed lighting within a soffited ceiling.

Typical Floors:
Column spacing: 20 and 24 foot spacing.
Elevator: 2500 LB. Elevator with satin stainless finish.
Ceiling: Common areas: 2x2 white acoustical tiles; drywall ceiling in lobby entry;
Office areas: 2x4 white acoustical tiles.
Doors: Entries to offices: 3-6 x 8-0 with glass sidelights; interior offices are 3-0 x 7-0 Solid doors are Birch veneer with painted steel frames.
Finish Hardware: Yale "D" series with satin chrome finish.
Lighting: 2 x 4 recessed fluorescent fixtures with energy efficient T-8 lamps and electronic ballast.
Windows: High Performance, insulated, Viracon reflective Evergreen in color, 36 inches from floor.
Ceiling Height: 9-0 feet.
Restrooms: Travertine stone floors and walls with eye sensor sink faucets (Building 14183).
Kitchenette: Microwave, sink, refrigerator and sitting area; prepped for vending machine.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing:
Cooling: Six rooftop units, 33.5 Tons per building, VVT system (Building 14183).
Electrical: 800 amps, 3 phase per building.

Design for easy access of phone and fiber requirements. Multiple underground conduits provided for choice of telecommunication purveyors.

Life Safety Systems:
Fire Detection and monitoring: Monitored 24 hours a day by a central station.
Sprinklers: Buildings are fully fire sprinklered.
Notification: Horns and strobes.
Exiting: Three fire rated exits and two fire rated exit stairwells per building.
Security: After hours access: Card reader system controlling access.
Tenant Security system: Routing and power prewired.

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